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Our flagship software platform for farms and food buying clubs

My Real Foods ( was created by our founder to solve big problems in the farm-to-table business space. Existing shopping cart software is simply too limited to accommodate the complexities of private club membership management and delivery scheduling. solves many of the issues, and provides customers with an efficient mobile-friendly shopping interface.


Reviews of Myrealfoods

MYREALFOODS: Polly G. in New York City

The website ( ) has made it possible for me to create a Food Club supplying Organic, non GMO food to Families and single people in New York City. The website is simple to manage. When there is a problem it is always easy  to get it solved. The ordering system makes it very easy for me to list products in categories and update them on a weekly basis throughout the year, along with the ability to email orders for delivery. I am able to send and receive orders, payments and emails with little effort.

All members that use the website find it a lifeline to greater health and good nutrition.

--Polly G  in New York City

MYREALFOODS: W.B. in Pennsylvania

MyRealFoods ( ) was instrumental in helping my food club set up an  online ordering system that was easy for my club members to use, and  allowed me to have a consistent way of collecting and tracking orders.   I am able to update product and price lists from a wide variety of  suppliers with ease.  MyRealFoods provided excellent support with  creating new reports that I needed to run my club.  Without this system,  I was stuck tracking orders using inefficient, hand made spreadsheets  that were time-consuming and frequently resulted in mistakes.  

-W.B., Food Club Coordinator